Cabbage Patch Kids 14 inch Boy Doll

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Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids 14 inch Boy Doll

Let the fun begin. Each Fashion Kid comes with a very special accessory. It's the key to your heart. That's right, each Kid has a matching heart shaped key to unlock the love you will share as a family. As your family grows, you may decide that having a pet is a lot of fun too. The special heart shaped key also unlocks the heart beat of the Adoptimal Pets and they make great interactive friends... Adoptimals are available separately.


  • Every Cabbage Patch Kid comes with an official birth certificate and adoption papers right from Babyland General Hospital.
  • Each has a unique name and birthday – just like you!
  • Beautiful silk hair for brushing and styling!
  • Make the promise to love and care for your Kid by taking the Oath of Adoption today!
  • Any 14” Kid wearing a key bracelet will directly interact with Adoptimals’ heart lockets.
  • Clothing is removable.
  • Recommended for ages 3+

Note: Eye, Hair Colour & Accessories may vary. Randomly picked colour will be shipped for an online order.

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