Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights and Sounds (White)

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Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights and Sounds (White)

Can YOU teach Owleez to fly? Meet Owleez, the first ever interactive toy pet that can REALLY fly! This adorable baby owl can't learn to fly indoors without your help and practicing together is so much fun! The more you practice, the more comfortable he'll get. Place him in the included nest and watch as he spreads his wings and magically takes flight right out of the nest! Every Owleez flight is different - you can watch him soar, help him fly or comfort him after a crash. He's made of durable and lightweight materials, so when he crashes it's okay, it's all part of learning! With over 100 interactive sounds and movements, Owleez responds to your touch, love and care. Feed him the berries when he's hungry. He likes to be pet, tickled, rocked to sleep and loved, and will let you know his mood by changing his eye color! It's easy to charge Owleez with the nest's built-in USB cord. Place him in the nest and continue playing while he charges! Teach your own baby owl how to fly with Owleez!


  • INTERACTIVE FLYING PET TOY: I'm Owleez, the interactive baby owl toy that can REALLY fly, but I need your help! Can you teach me? The more we practice flying together, the better I'll fly!
  • RESPONSIVE TO TOUCH: I respond to your touch, movement and care. Love me, pet me, tickle me, make me dance - I love to rock and sing! When I'm hungry, feed me my berries accessory...yum!
  • OVER 100 SOUNDS AND MOVEMENTS: I have over 100 sounds and movements and can show you my mood by changing my eye color!
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: Place me in my nest to easily charge me with the built-in USB cord. We can keep playing together while I charge!
  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS AGED 6 AND UP: I'm the perfect gift for birthdays or holidays for kids aged 6 and up. I can only fly indoors. No batteries needed! Can YOU teach me how to fly?


  • 1 Owleez
  • 1 Nest
  • 1 Food Accessory
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Instruction Guide
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