PQI Apple Certified MFI 100cm Ultimate Toughness Lightning to USB Cable

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PQI Apple Certified MFI 100cm Ultimate Toughness Lightning to USB Cable

With time, most cables suffer wear and tear at strain relief section. PQI's Apple certified i-Cable features ultimate toughness that can lasts up to 10,000 bend-tests. Using intertwined US DuPont composite fiber, coated internally with metallic sheath, it is tested to withstand up to 50Kg of force for extra durability and safety.


Composite fiber, withstands up to 50Kg

i-Cable's outer layer is composed of composite fiber to protect and insulate the cable from harm. The fabric's intertwined structure can withstand up to 50Kg of force. The design is tough and prevents the cable from excess twists / tangle.

In compliance with American Wire Gauge (AWG ) standards

i-Cable is in compliance with the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards that improves transfer efficiency and prevent cable static noise.

99.99% 4N Oxygen Free Tinned Copper Wire

Containing 4 sets of 4N copper wires (2 power + 2 data), it effectively minimizes oxygenation, provide better conductivity and superior performance!

Extended strain relief (SR) design for better durability and ruggedness

The extended strain relief design is more durable and rugged than usual. It can withstand up to 10,000 bend-test.

Reinfornced metallic inner sheath

The use of dual layer high density metallic sheath provides wires with extra protection, safety and durability.

Apple certified, ultimate quality and stability

PQI i-Cable is ultra tough and is Apple certified with dedicated Lightning controller chip. The Apple certification means it is Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod (MFI) and with future IOS updates, only MFI certified cables can provide performance, efficiency and peace of mind.

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