6 in 1 Super Science Set

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6 in 1 Super Science Set


6 in 1 Super Science Set

This awesome 6 in 1 Super Science Set may be one of the coolest items we have ever sold! ...It's a good job that sets like this one were not around when we were growing up, because we would be working in paleontology, volcanology, topography and astronomics, not retail!

Crystal Growing

Grow dozens of dazzling crystals and conduct 6 experiments with this classic science kit

Includes: 2 Bags of Crystal Chemical, 4 Granite Base Rocks, 1 Wooden Spatula, 2 Clear Blister Trays and instructions.

Dig Me

Dig and excavate a dinosaur!

Includes: 1 dinosaur skeleton, excavation tool, 1 cleaning brush, 1 clay block, 1 wooden mallet.

Eco Dome

Discover how nature works! Record rainfall and temperature, measure wind speed and discover wind direction.

Includes: Eco dome and bug catcher.

The Earth and Moon

Create your own Moon and Earth models!

Includes: String, Earth model, Moon model.

Amazing Volcano

Make and erupt a "Volcano". ...A Fantastic science fair project!

Includes: 1 Volcano substructure, 1 bag of sand mix, 1 bag of baking soda, 1 tube, citric acid in an eruption bottle, instructions.


Peer into the night sky or at distant terrestrial scenes!

Includes: Telescope


  • Creative Science: 6 in 1 Super Science Set
  • Educational - helps children understand Earth sciences
  • For ages 10+
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