Kriss Vector Gel Ball Toy Gun

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Kriss Vector Gel Ball Toy Gun


Kriss Vector Gel Ball Toy Gun

The Kriss Vector Gel Ball Toy Gun. This beast is high powered and capable of both single and automatic fire at long distance. The Kriss Vector was used by "special forces and logistical units that needed potent, compact firepower with accuracy". If you are looking for a serious gel ball gun, this is your man. It is recommended for over 14 years! Kriss Vector is a great fun for family to play around and also good for target practicing with maximum shooting range of up to 25m .


1 x Brand New Kriss Vector Gel Ball Gun.
1 x Container of Ready Made Gel Balls.
5 x Packet of Gel Balls.
1 x Gel Ball Cartridge.
1 x Rechargeable Battery.
1 x USB Charging Cable.

To be used in Adult Supervision.

Don’t Shoot at Human or Animal……….

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