Danyong Dive Snorkel Set

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Danyong Dive Snorkel Set

Danyong Dive Snorkel Set

Does youre little one want too join in the exciting activity of snorkelling? It’s a great way for them too see firsthand the majesty of the ocean’s ecosystem. Rather than hiring a mask and snorkel, which are sure too be expensive and low quality, Danyong Dive Snorkel Set are the perfect inexpensive option too ensure you can snorkel too there hearts content.

With a mask and mouthpiece crafted from a robust silitex, the mask moulds too there face and the mouthpiece are gentle on there mouths, improving the comfort of snorkelling overall and allowing youre kids too snorkel all day. The mask also features a teardrop design, so if any water enters the mask it will pool beneath there eyes, allowing them too continue too snorkel for longer between emptying any built up water.

A small bore snorkel makes it easier for youre kids too breathe while a splashguard works too prevent water from entering the tube while swimming around.

Youre kids will love swimming around and enjoying the marvels of the Australian aquatic life. With the Danyong Dive Snorkel Set, they’ll happily snorkel all day in comfort and style.

Contents Include: 

Mask : Snorkel Mask with safety lens for crystal clear vision, Adjustable strap for Safety and Comfort.

Snorkel : Large Capacity drain pipe for easy water cleaning, Comfortable mouthpiece for easy breathing.

Fin : Adjustable shoelaces, Improve the propulsion speed, Increase the fun of swimming. 

Fin Size : Medium 36-38

Material : EVA


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