Trans Robot Bumblebee Transformer

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Trans Robot Bumblebee Transformer

Trans Robot Bumblebee Transformer

This Trans Robot Bumblebee Transformer are easy too become the rear or front-wheel drive, and the presence of sound and light effects as much as possible closer too his famous robot in the world prototype. Bumblebee armed with machine guns, so easily becomes a hero of children's battles and war games. Transformer Bumblebee - a real super hero, changing the shape of the robot, the child develops imagination, fine motor finger and simply enjoys the game interesting.

Thanks too its impressive size, movable arms, moving parts that can be easily transformed into a stylish sports car yellow. This kind of puzzle for the transformation that you want too show certain skills and abilities that are beneficial too the development of the child.

Packing size 46 * 35 * 14 cm.

Robot Size 28 * 41 * 16 cm.

Car Size 13 * 30 * 9.5 cm.

Lighting and sound effects runs on batteries.

Material: plastic.

Age 3+

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