18 Piece Beach Bucket Playset

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18 Piece Beach Bucket Playset

Children love to play outside, now nothing will get in their way. The Beach Bucket and Mold Set is made for fun, it also comes with 18 pcs. different, more than any other beach game. The customizable water and sand mill adds the water element to the traditional sand toy. The 68.5 cm shovel is the perfect size for your child to dig in the sand or earth. You can see how your son builds sandcastles with the 7 different sand molds. Durable and extra soft handles make it easy for young children to hold them. Parents will love that all its components can be stored in the large bucket, for easy cleaning and transport.

Includes 18 pcs: 

  • 1 large bucket
  • 1 large shifter Lid
  • 1 small tower mold
  • 1 large tower mold
  • 1 whale Scooper
  • 1 star fish sand mold
  • 1 octopus sand mold
  • 2 stackable boats
  • 27 inch delux shovel
  • 1 small bucket
  • 1 rake
  • 1 trowel
  • 1 shovel
  • 1 crab mold
  • 1 fish mold
  • 1 castle mold
  • 1 sand & water mill


  • Recommended Age: 2+ Years
  • Some Assembly required
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