4 x 150gm Mortein Powergard Flea Bomb

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4 x 150gm Mortein Powergard Flea Bomb

Mortein PowerGard Flea Bomb protects for up to 9 months and kills fleas and flea eggs.

Benefits :

Contains unique insect growth regulator (IGR) to kill flea eggs and break the breeding cycle.- Locking tab releases the entire can contents as a fine mist that kills flea eggs and adult fleas where they hide.- Unique formulation containing fenoxycarb also kills flea eggs and prevents reinfestation for up to 9 months by breaking the flea breeding cycle. Flea life cycle - 4 Stages Eggs, Larvae, Pupae & Adults. Adults lay eggs on host and fall into carpet. Eggs hatch into Larvae (2-4 days). Larvae feed on organic debris (4-12 days). Pupae emerge as biting adults after 5-7 days. The IGR (fenoxycarb) breaks the life cycle so no eggs hatch and no larvae mature

How to use: 

 5 simple steps to effective flea control. 

1. Close doors and windows. 
2. Place can on newspaper in centre of room. 
3. Push locking tab into place. 
4. Leave room and close door for 3 hours. 
5. Remove dead insects by vacuuming.

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